Designer Collections by IdeaGroup

The Cubik modern bathroom line by IdeaGroup incorporated into any design can fit into any environment and harmonize with various lifestyles. This collection of designer bathroom furniture is distinguished by its uncluttered linearity and clean looks. The drawers and doors are made with 45° edges without external handles, which can achieve the minimalist characteristic of modern bathrooms. Customization is essential with installation options, standing or suspended cabinets, and a wide range of materials and finishes made for contemporary homes. The Cubik collection is perfect for bathrooms making the most of the space without compromising on functionality.   Cubik catalog

Luxury encounters industrial styling with Dogma by Aqua, a collection of modern, minimalist bathroom fixtures with unconventional use of geometrical shapes.Base units, wall units and tall units create dynamic outstanding, and refined finishes. The wash basin goes perfectly with the bathroom cabinet; the elegant bathroom cabinets and the bathroom accessories in this collection provide infinite customization possibilities to make every bathroom unique. All of these design elements can fit harmoniously into designer bathrooms as well as traditional ones.

This is the first time IdeaGroup utilizes aluminium in a bathroom collection, to support structure for the cabinets. Grafite and Carrara marble bathroom units and the Cristal plant wash basin are new items providing practical materials that are supple, hypoallergenic and robust. These innovations can help you create extremely attractive bathroomsDogma catalog

Dolcevita by Aqua is the IdeaGroup’s bathroom creation dedicated to modern, sophisticated look. It features contemporary elegance, craftsmanship and classica styling.  Dolcevita’s octagonal mirror with aluminum frame is copper-free, scratch and corrosion resistant. It can be installed with integrated lighting. Dolcevita’s finishes include metallic colors to give a futuristic effect.

Dolcevita received the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award 2017. Dolcevita Catalog

Form by Idea is a collection of highly customizable modern bathroom fixtures in which the cabinets can be floor-standing or suspended, linear or curved. Cabinet doors can be built with grip profiles or framed. This collection incorporates highly distinctive elements: curved bathroom cabinets with Mineral solid top and raised edges and a floor-cabinet on legs. The washbasin base units come with framed doors (Form T) or grip profiles (Form J). Four types of internal cabinet structures and several storage solutions in drawers ensure organization and rationality in the design. Every detail is studied to provide a perfect solution for any modern bathroom décor project. Form Catalog

My Fly Evo by IdeaGroup designates the modern bathroom a personal space representing health and well being. The style has to be pleasant for an individual as well as a whole family living in the house. All elements are available in a variety of shapes and dimensions and the specific design element can be mixed and matched as you like to meet your specific requirements 
in terms of space and personal style. My Fly Evo Catalog


My Time by Idea is a collection of modern bathroom furnishing with contrasts: the warmth tones in this collection create an intimate atmosphere while adding an irreverent touch of color.

This design seeks to acquire an ambience that enhances comfort and emotions. Color, shapes, and materials interact to build an informal but rigorous atmosphere. Customization from this collection works for all ages. Designers can create textured or colorful lacquered finishes. Cabinets can be floor-standing single units to suspended multiple wall units. My Time catalog

My Seventy Plus modern bathroom furniture by IdeaGroup explores different shapes of a designer bathroom furniture, from soft, gentle lines to more linear ones, all can be used to create infinite compositions.

Ergonomic and smooth, the rounded shapes and edges, the open shelve units under mirrors provide a practical décor without foregoing design. Numerous customization opportunities exist: over a hundred colors, cabinet and wash basin finishes, materials, with traditional or innovative materials. My Seventy Plus is the ideal collection for those who prefer bathroom décor with a romantic, retro air but can be also modern and trendy.  My Seventy Plus catalog.


Nyù by Aqua s a collection of discreet, elegant bathroom furniture distinguished by clean-cut details and built to display the intrinsic beauty of the materials and the craftsmanship. Using timeless décor distinguished by beautifully matched lines and depths, this collection and its bathroom accessories provide pleasant visual effects. Whether it’s finished in matt or glossy, brushed lacquer in different colors, HPL Unicolor laminates for a traditional look with a highly resistant surface, it is guaranteed to please all tastes. The project can be based on a floor-standing vanity unit or a suspended cabinet. All can be designed your personality. A mirror with LED lighted frame and open end units is also part of the collection.  Nyù by Aqua catalog

 The award-winning Sense collection of modern bathroom furniture by Aqua combines highly technical materials with the strong, textured finish of wood. This collection focuses on the finishes, which include solid Teak and the innovative laminate Fenix NTM, made by nanotechnology. Fenix features great looks and top performance: it is done in matt  finish. It’s also fingerprint proof, but at the same time soft to the touch. The tops, which feature a decorative surface coated with latest generation resins, can be fitted with an integrated and stylish wash basin. The cabinet can stand on the floor or be suspended. The bathroom cabinet also comes in a choice of light or dark shades which can lead to endless combinations of colors inside and out. With Sense and its bathroom accessories, bathroom furniture provides a means to distinguish space, enhancing it with refined, contemporary styling. Our designer mirrors is backlit by LEDs, they come round, square, rectangular or double. Sense catalog