Engineered Wood Floor

Sun Design Center offers various premium engineering wood flooring collections which are 100% of genuine French Origin. Real French Oak is more expensive, more consistent in looks and generally harder than other European Oak. Our collection has Ultra low harsh chemical content. It meets the ultra-strict French interior off-gassing standards with an A+ in all categories. For Formaldehyde, a key culprit chemical that the State of California tracks, Our engineering wood flooring is 75% lower than the California standard. We also tracts 9 other chemicals and compounds that CA does not even require tracking or measuring of and our engineering wood collections rate A+ on all of these other 9 chemicals.

Our engineered wood collections use only old growth trees that are over 100 years old and less than 150 years old. Old growth trees are denser and harder, therefore more desirable, rare and scarce. it has declining characteristics and is less desirable for commercial use. All of Sun Design’s Engineering wood flooring is 100% responsibly forested and certified.

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