Blue Stone

We are excited to introduce our outdoor ceramic products that are designed and manufactured by our partner Decovita Ceramic. Decovita’s outdoor ceramics are specifically made for custom-made designs. Made with superior design and quality, these tiles  blend well with traditional and modern design elements. Decovita’s outdoor porcelain tiles have thicknesses between 20mm(3/4”) and 30mm(1 ¼”)  and they are glazed extra-strong. Decovita’s special glazing technology also protects the ceramics against scratches or chemicals such as bleach. We also turn them into three-dimensional pieces with a natural stone feel.  Sundesign center’s design team knows Decovita’s product line well. Our designers can transform your outdoor spaces into elegant, modern and impressive unique outdoor spaces.

Summary of features:

Printing- Color Quality
With special glazing technologies, Decovita’s ceramics give a feeling of natural stone. This technology also adds three-dimensional feelings to the surface. The glazing compounds can achieve 95% of brightness.

Perfect Calibration (Measure)
The tiles are carefully fired in the kiln and rectified to meet highest tolerance standards. This enables to reduce the grout joint size to 1mm which gives the most natural finished look.

Durability / Resistance:
Decovita’s products are resistant to scratches and chemicals such as bleach. It maintains its color and texture just as the first day for many years. Decovita’s tiles have a surface hardness of Mohs 7 that is certified by lab tests.