Arrital Italian Modern Kitchen Design in Silicon Valley!

  • Our Style: Contemporary, clean lines, from top designers
  • Functionality Matters: Easy access for appliances, cabinets, seating
  • Durability Counts: Long life for hinges, rails, coating
  • Our Selection: An extensive  list of options for color, finish, and material.
  • Safety is vital: Safe for children. Safe for adults when you enjoy your Kitchen.
  • A unique Look that you cannot find anywhere else.

You can have them all!


Sun Design Center brings to you one of the most celebrated names in Italian Kitchen design-Arrital with the unmistakable touch of great Italian designers.You will know the difference when you see it!


A great-looking kitchen is just the beginning. It’s not only the place where you cook. It’s also where family and friends gather. Open space, easy access, location of the appliances, and smart storage are carefully considered in our designs. Form and function – that’s what we are all about.


Colors that stay vibrant. Hinges that work smoothly even after thousands of opening and closing. Materials that are treated to stay strong years after the kitchen was installed. At Sun Design Center, we do not compromise on quality. Your kitchen remains fresh and vibrant for many years.


We are all different, with our personal taste in colors, materials, and sizes. Sun Design Center offers one of the largest selections of materials so that you can customize your Kitchen to be as unique and individual as you are! No two kitchens will be the same. We guarantee it!


A kitchen comes with water, appliances, lights, and electricity, at Sun Design Center we take special measures to ensure the safety of children and adults alike. You can enjoy  your kitchen with confidence!

All can be uniquely designed for you. 

However, you must experience in person:

  • The smooth finish of cooking surfaces
  • The pleasant chill of stainless steel cabinet doors
  • The whisper quiet opening and closing of drawers
  • The perfect grip of handles
  • The variety of colors and materials

For this reason we’d like to invite you to Sun Design Center’s showroom in Cupertino.

Contact us today.