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During the productive process we seek excellence and Sun Design's only objective is to offer the creation of legendary wood flooring that will last in time, insisting and highlighting the slightest details on our large format wood floors. During the manufacturing process, only the highest quality materials which undergo strict quality controls in order to guarantee the pureness of the raw materials used by discarding any lower quality subspecies. Made in Spain, with European style and design, our wood floor collection carefully choose pigments and natural oils that are naturally absorbed by the 8”wide 8’ long large format floors, acquiring that way unique finishes and colors which are extremely resistant and durable, creating a final product in an almost fully artisan way.

Rivafloors_Sapphire Design_White Pearl
Rivafloors_Platinum Design_03
Rivafloors_Sapphire Design_Mcury Blast
Rivafloors_Sapphire Design_Feral Cloud
Rivafloors_Sapphire Design_Coffee Ferrite
Rivafloors_Sapphire Design_Blizzard
Rivafloors_Gold Design_01
Rivafloors_Gold Design_04
Rivafloors_Goden Design_Gray Sapphire
Rivafloors_Goden Design_Krypton Crown
Rivafloors_Goden Design_Mercury Blast
Rivafloors_Goden Design_Rainy Steel
Rivafloors_Gold Design_03
Rivafloors_Gold Design_05
Rivafloors_Platinum Design_02
Rivafloors_Platinum Design_01
Rivafloors_Goden Design_Crystal Thunder
Rivafloors_Goden Design_Black Cooper
Rivafloors_Goden Design_Black Coffee Ferrite
Rivafloors_Goden Design_06
Rivafloors_Banner_Gold Design_08
Rivafloor_Sapphire Design_Mystic Quartz
Rivafloors_Goden Design_07
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Rivafloors_Gold Design_01