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Sun Design Center offers various luxury hardwood flooring collections for you to create the perfect look for your residential or commercial spaces. With a truly unique work of art on every board, the luxury hardwood collections Sun Design offers represents the ultimate in the depth and beauty that can be achieved with modern hands. Each collection offers a breathtaking window into nature and the world around us. Captivating surface treatments and bold, intricate colors redefine what is considered possible for a living, breathing, luxury design environment. Our hardwood floor collections are the renaissance of time-honored artistry blended with modern performance.

The Vintage Remains Collection_Weathered Post
The Vintage Remains Collection_Summer Beam
The Terra Collection_Tanzania
The Vintage Remains Collection_Limestone
The Vintage Remains Collection_Burnt Rafter
The Strata Collection_Urth
The Terra Collection_Panga
The Terra Collection_Nile
The Strata Collection_Salt
The Strata Collection_Flint
The Strata Collection _Fossil
The Strata Collection_errene
The Riverstone Collection_Thames
The Riverstone Collection_Seine
The Riverstone Collection_Danube
The Heritage Timber Edition_Trestle
The Heritage Timber Edition_Slat
The Heritage Timber Edition_Coall
The Chateau Collection_Yves
The Chateau Collection_White Oiled
The Chateau Collection_Windsor
The Chateau Collection_St. Moritz
The Chateau Collection_Villandry
The Chateau Collection_Touraine
The Chateau Collection_Olde Dutch
The Chateau Collection_Domenico
The Chateau Collection_Lyon
The Chateau Collection_Kasteel
The Chateau Collection_Natural
The Chateau Collection_Antique White
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Tidal Rush
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Tidal Rift
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Tidal Dawn
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Soho
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Tidal Ghost
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Sea Smoke
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Pure Grey
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Tidal Edge
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Pure Calm
The Atelier Series Hardwood Flooring_Pure Frost
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The Chateau Collection_Yves