Practical, durable and attractive, Colorquartz can be a superior choice over other natural stones.  

Color Quartz is natural. Quartz is a naturally occurring material that can be found in any part of the world. Due to its extreme hardness and resistance, it is used in a variety of applications that require precision and top-quality performance.

Color Quartz is durable and stain resistant. CQ’s hard non-porous surfaces are built to resist breakage and to provide endurance against stain and scratch. Your Color Quartz areas will maintain its original beauty and brilliance for years. ColorQuartz is maintenance free. Cleaning is simple and easy, you need only soap and water.

ColorQuartz is naturally antibacterial. Due to its non-porous nature, molds and mildew will not be able to contaminate your ColorQuartz surfaces. This gives Color Quartz an advantage over other types of surfaces, such as granite and marble. Other than common household applications, Colorquartz is also the ideal, most practical choice for hospitality and commercial interior applications.

Color Quartz offers a diverse and versatile color lines all inspired by nature. Each piece is carefully formulated to ensure the right consistency, depth, and richness to bring alive any of your living space.