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What we offer
  • Complete Offering of Micro-grid System (Solar, Energy Storage, EV Charging Station)  Automate Your Savings with the Software Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  • Flexible Financing Options for All People.

  • 10-Year Warranty for Systems We Engineer and Build.

  • Investment Opportunity: We can help you reduce your tax liability and start having  passive income by owning and operating renewable assets.

Why Now
  • Investment tax credit (30%) will step down to 26% starting from 2020. Projects must  kick off in 2019 to claim 30% investment tax credit.

  • California is running self-generation incentives for adding energy storage systems  ranging from $250/kWh.

  • Utility company keeps changing its fare for energy. Your utility cost goes up every  year with at least 3.5% inflation.

  • Compound your savings by going renewable. Payback ranges from 3 years to 7 years.  20-Year internal rate of return is about 12% - 20%.

Clean Energy Makes Good $ents